Learn to Swim Coach
Role Overview

WAVE Swim School is mission-driven toward giving people the full extent or opportunities that swimming has to offer through fun, fitness and safety in the water. It takes a collaborative effort between coach, client and administration to achieve full comfort and adaptiveness in the water.

Job Summary

This position is responsible for creating workouts and carrying them out, while maintaining effective feedback communications with clients of all ages.

Duties & Responsibilities

Provide leadership that sets the tone of the facility to encourage and promote an environment of creativity, attention to detail, and friendliness.

Promote and enforce all aquatic and facility safety rules.

Communicate effectively verbally and written.

Work in tandem with the lead coach in creating and planning workouts for the swim cycle.

Coach clients through learn to swim sessions.

Update parents/guardians of swimmer’s progress.

Requirements & Qualifications

CPR, First Aid, and Red Cross Water Safety Instructor or Basic Swim Instructor (BSI) certifications.

Swim America Certified.

Swim freestyle 75m; Backstroke 50m ; Breaststroke 30ft; Butterfly 30ft

Tread water for minimum of 2 minutes.

Helpful Assets

Competitive swimming experience.

Part time positions available.

Hourly rate: $75TT per hour.

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